Corporate Profile

CSI PROP is a real estate investment and research consultancy based in Malaysia and Singapore. We offer an impressive portfolio of real estate projects across Australia and United Kingdom. Which we market through our licensed team of estate agents in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as strategic partners overseas.
Our highly-trained team brings with them more than 10 years’ experience in real estate investment and finance. As a full service agency, we offer assistance throughout the entire process, from property selection to rental management, tax, legal, financing and resale.
We focus on fast-growing cities with high population and job growth, as well as investment potential. This presents opportunities for good returns and capital appreciation at lower risk. While acknowledging the strengths of other investment vehicles in the market, we firmly believe in the soundness of property investment – specifically, strategically-located property. We offer a range of real estate investment projects, from luxury residential apartments, townhouses and landed property.

What sets us apart is our deep dedication to service and research. We do not market investments that we do not believe in and have not thoroughly researched. We want to make a difference by understanding your aspirations and dreams, and equipping you with information that is crucial to your investment decisions.

Making A Difference

As an organisation that focuses on people and aspires to remain relevant, we place great importance on ensuring our clients feel appreciated, remembered and respected. Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors: