Building An Iron-Clad UK Property Portfolio:
Seizing Crisis Opportunities & Maximising Returns on Your UK Properties

In Conversation with Virata Gamany

Building An Iron-Clad UK Property Portfolio: Seizing Crisis Opportunities & Maximising Returns on Your UK Properties
In Conversation with Virata Gamany

EcoWorld International presents In Conversation with Virata Gamany, a private, by-invitation session exclusively for all EcoWorld community members. A veteran investor of 16 years, Virata will share how the challenges he faced during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 have helped him develop property investment and risk management strategies to rebuild his portfolio through challenging and uncertain times.

Key Learnings

Strategies to Build a Scale-able Property Portfolio 

Creating a Passive Income Portfolio for Your Family Legacy 

Navigating Crisis: Market Opportunity & Where to Buy 

Financing: Getting the Best Rates Regardless of Age 

Taxation: The Right Tax Planning for Your Portfolio & Addressing Inheritance Tax in the UK

Suitable For

  • Property investors who want to diversify & expand their portfolio in the overseas markets
  • Aspiring investors who are serious about starting (including beginners with no knowledge or experience)

Webinar Details
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Wednesday, 24 March 2021,
7:30pm – 9:30pm

Why Diversify Beyond Local Properties and
Become a Global Property Investor?


High taxes make it extremely difficult to purchase multiple residential properties in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong — even if there is an opportunity present during crisis and uncertainty. In other cities like Kuala Lumpur, an oversupply of properties makes it challenging to invest & find tenants for multiple residential properties.


Other countries/cities have better rental yields due to high housing demand and this increases positive cash flow per month.


Typical leasehold in some countries is 250 years and above, unlike Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia which is 99 years. This allows you to pass on the property to your kids and multiple generations to enjoy the rental income without paying for an expensive freehold property.

Personal message from our guest speaker, Virata

Hi, My name is Virata and I have been a property investor for the past 16 years. I own CSI PROP, a property research and investment consultancy based in Malaysia and Singapore.

To date, my portfolio is worth over US$10 Million across 4 regions, including North America, Europe, Australia & Asia.

12 years ago, I could not have imagined that this would be my wealth profile today…

Because I almost lost everything during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

During that time, most of my investment was in North America, where the real estate market was badly hit.

Long story short, I continued to hold on to those properties because I knew that selling would result in huge losses. Today, the properties I own have increased significantly in value after the economy recovered.

However, during that time, I experienced emotional and mental stress due to the situation and I hope that nobody will have to ever go through what I did.

Hence, I am conducting this webinar to teach you how to identify markets that stay resilient despite crises like COVID-19.

My hope is this information will enable you to grow and preserve your wealth, so you can have enough funds for yourself and your family during bad times, and have the ability to retire early and do the things you love.


“CSI PROP has to be recommended because the team’s professionalism has certainly set a standard that many other agents should aspire to.”


“Good learning experience especially the real life example.”


“Very valuable learning experience from this course. Awesome.”



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