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The Changing Face of Melbourne

There’s no denying Melbourne’s reputation as the Most Liveable City in the World. Bestowed on this beautiful city four times, this ranking holds merit, evidenced by the population growth over the years. What was once a backwater town has boomed into a world class city.

And there’s no stopping this growth, by the looks of it: Melbourne is slated to overtake Sydney as the biggest city in Australia in the near future. What does this mean and what solutions are being explored to accommodate such growth?

7 News highlights this in their special two-part report:

Part 1: 7 News | The Changing Face of Melbourne 

Part 2: 7 News | The Changing Face of Melbourne 

An increased population will lead to a continual sprawl in the city and drive the demand for housing. And as migrants continue to move into Melbourne, there will be a greater need for rental accommodation.

Timing is just as important as location and other factors when it comes to investment. Are you now thinking of exploring options in Australia?

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