Executive Director

Virata T. is the Executive Director for CSI PROP. He holds a degree in Finance and Law.

An avid property investor himself, Virata has been involved in the international real estate

industry since 2005 and has personally invested in property across four regions, globally.

He is especially familiar with the property markets in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Property Projects





Manchester Property Benefits from Victoria North Urban Renewal

It’s a little known fact, especially among foreigners, that Manchester, and not London, is the UK’s Most Liveable City—a common oversight, as London’s fame as a global financial and cultural hub often overshadows the Northern city.  Still, Manchester has been the UK’s rising star in liveability, affordability and overall quality of life for a decade […]

Global Property Outlook 2022

The last 2 years with the pandemic have been harrowing, yet the property market has performed far better than expected globally. Central banks in several countries have raised interest rates to control inflation following 2 years of generous incentives to stimulate the economy, while others, like the Fed, plan to do the same. In response […]

New Face for Old Trafford

Regeneration projects earmarked in Trafford will drive greater employment and housing demand in the area.

Case Study: Why Investing In Poplar, East London Makes Sense

A LOT has been happening in East London. Previously eclipsed by the glamour of the West End, the East End has become the centre for the hip, happening, creative and innovative. East London is home to up-and-coming areas like Poplar and Aberfeldy Village.  More are choosing to reside in the East because of its relative […]

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in London Property in 2022

Until the pandemic hit the UK and caused a recession, the London property market had been on a flat growth trajectory for a few years. As the world and the UK fully emerge from lockdowns and pandemic related restrictions, should you still invest in London property?  Unlike previous recessions, which saw property prices crash, the […]

The Singapore Resident’s Guide to Investing in UK Property

A Guide for Singapore Residents to Invest in UK Property Are there restrictions for Singapore residents who want to invest in UK property?  Singapore citizens face no restrictions when it comes to investing in UK property and do not require approval from the UK government to do so. However, Singaporeans will need to have residential […]

2021 London Property Outlook – A Mid-Year View

Following our mid-2021 UK Property Outlook, here is our mid 2021 London Property Outlook. A key contributor of the UK economy, London has held the pole position of #1 City in the World’s Best Cities 2021 rankings for 5 consecutive years based on a number of criteria including human capital, infrastructure and culture, experience and prosperity. […]

Australia Mid-2021 Outlook: Impact of Bushfires, Covid-19 & Iron-Clad Border Closures

2020 will be a year to remember. For the first time in 29 years, Australia slipped into a recession as its economy suffered the furious onslaught of Covid-19 and impact of massive bushfires, combined. Nearly 1 million people lost their jobs and the economy shrank by 7%, ending an extraordinary, uninterrupted economic growth run of […]


Dr Dhiraj Saini & Sheela Kulasingam Investor

We just inspected the property and are really impressed by what you guys have provided, so a big thank you!…

Mrs Jesslyn C. Investor

The UK student property that I invested with CSI Prop is very good; we are already getting returns from it. I also appreciate CSI Prop’s effort to hold Investor Club events for their investors. It makes us feel appreciated.

Mr Shulhameed M. Investor

One thing that stands out about CSI Prop is their service. If I have a problem, they will make sure that it is dealt with, and they are pretty fast with their solutions. This is important cause we are dealing with property that is miles away in the UK. I…

Mrs C.H. Oon Investor

It’s interesting that CSI Prop holds these Investor Club events. As investors, we want to see the progress of the projects that we have invested in. The Investor Club is a very good platform to update us.

Mohammed Al Radi Investor

I decided to invest in property because it’s a much more tangible asset than stocks and shares, and my research showed that student accommodation can provide much higher returns than other options.

Murkhalis Mokhtar Investor

As investors, we seek the best investments with the lowest capital and entry level. The returns from the student accommodation marketed by CSI PROP are fabulous!…

Dr Susmita Hunt Investor

There appears to be an increasing demand for decent student accommodation, and this fits the bill, particularly in view of the numerous overseas students who come to the UK.