Executive Director

Virata T. is the Executive Director for CSI PROP. He holds a degree in Finance and Law.

An avid property investor himself, Virata has been involved in the international real estate

industry since 2005 and has personally invested in property across four regions, globally.

He is especially familiar with the property markets in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Property Projects





Where is the Best Place to Invest in UK Student Property?

While the final numbers have not yet been released, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) had projected the total investment volume of UK student property in 2017 to be in excess of £5 billion as demand remains high. Image taken from Priestley Lettings UK UK student property continues to provide rewarding returns to investors over the years. […]

The Silver Lining Behind Perth Property

With property prices softened, buyers can now call the shots, purchasing real estate in some of the best suburbs at lowered prices. Strategic purchases will yield better returns and result in greater appreciation when the property market escalates. The Perth property market has been on a decline over the last few years, but it may […]

Brexit and the Foreign Property Investor

The looming Brexit referendum is sending property investors into a bit of a worry whirl. What are the implications? Come June 23, UK citizens will vote on whether the nation should withdraw from the European Union. While there is still time before that happens, the uncertainty is a cause for concern across all industries in […]

Manchester: Best Property Investment Yields

In Part 1 of our Manchester series, we discuss the facts & figures that make Manchester THE top city for investment in the UK. The numbers don’t lie. Photo credit: Select Property Group The investment landscape in the UK is changing. The focus has moved from London as the go-to destination for investment and the UK’s […]

Gen-Y: The Future of the UK Property Market

Part 1 of our Manchester series underscores research highlighting Manchester as the UK’s no. 1 property investment hotspot in the next 10 years. In Part 2, we discuss why Manchester is poised to have the strongest rental market in the UK. Video credit: Select Property Group According to Savills, demand for rented accommodation has increased […]

Foreign Investment in Australia Property at Record High

Approvals for foreign investment in Australian property hit a record high of  A$61bn, an increase of 75% in the 2014-15 financial year, possibly accounting for approximately a quarter of new developments Down Under. This increase is on the back of a 102% spike on the year before. The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) records 36,841 (60% […]

Keeping a Close Watch on Perth Property

Property in Melbourne and Sydney often hog  the limelight, but savvy and seasoned investors are keeping a close watch on the West Australian city of Perth. West Australian property is proving its broad appeal, with new figures from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) revealing a total of 2043 approvals for foreign buyers, an increase […]

Melbourne – 3 Weeks to Stamp Duty Increase

TICK TOCK. The clock is ticking. Come 1 July 2016, the 4% increase in stamp duty surcharge imposed by the Victoria state government on foreign property investors shall take effect. This increase, announced late April 2016, comes hard on the heels of the 3% stamp duty surcharge introduced on 1 July last year. Victoria’s new stamp […]


Dr Dhiraj Saini & Sheela Kulasingam Investor

We just inspected the property and are really impressed by what you guys have provided, so a big thank you!…

Mrs Jesslyn C. Investor

The UK student property that I invested with CSI Prop is very good; we are already getting returns from it. I also appreciate CSI Prop’s effort to hold Investor Club events for their investors. It makes us feel appreciated.

Mr Shulhameed M. Investor

One thing that stands out about CSI Prop is their service. If I have a problem, they will make sure that it is dealt with, and they are pretty fast with their solutions. This is important cause we are dealing with property that is miles away in the UK. I…

Mrs C.H. Oon Investor

It’s interesting that CSI Prop holds these Investor Club events. As investors, we want to see the progress of the projects that we have invested in. The Investor Club is a very good platform to update us.

Mohammed Al Radi Investor

I decided to invest in property because it’s a much more tangible asset than stocks and shares, and my research showed that student accommodation can provide much higher returns than other options.

Murkhalis Mokhtar Investor

As investors, we seek the best investments with the lowest capital and entry level. The returns from the student accommodation marketed by CSI PROP are fabulous!…

Dr Susmita Hunt Investor

There appears to be an increasing demand for decent student accommodation, and this fits the bill, particularly in view of the numerous overseas students who come to the UK.