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Check out the photos below of the various types of events that we have had at our venue.

Al Rajhi Bank Hari Raya Open House

One of our regular clients, Al Rajhi Bank held their Hari Raya Open House celebration at our premises. The event was an uproarious gala of food and drink stalls and merrymaking. These bankers know how to have a great time and we’re glad it was at CORNERSTONE.

Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council Seminars

The Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC) holds a series seminars and networking events every month dedicated in educating and informing their council members and VIPs on new updates and developments in the Malaysian oil and gas industry. We have just complied some photos of the events that they have held here at CORNERSTONE.

Digital Malaysia (MDec) Appreciation Event

Digital Malaysia held their Appreciation Ceremony to recognize those who have contributed to the online marketing industry as well as MDec’s media and supporting partners.

Entrepreneur’s Organization Event

Entrepreneurs from 9 different countries in the Western Hemisphere participated this exclusive EO event which featured sessions of idea sharing and conversation. This event actually took place during the day but because it’s the evening in the Western Hemisphere, we turned the entire event hall into a dark setting to create an evening atmosphere.

British Council Creative Industries Seminar

British Council Arts Malaysia, sponsored by Digital Malaysia, held their Creative Industries Seminar to promote the creative industry (mainly film and animation) in the UK. The event featuring talks by Hugo Sands and Ian Livingstone – both of whom are very well established individuals in the UK animation industry. To add to the creativity theme, their fun and artistic set up was a wonderful touch to create the perfect atmosphere.

Jom Kurus 1Malaysia End of Program Dinner

It was an evening of spirit and celebration as participants from Jom Kurus 1Malaysia gathered at CORNERSTONE to happily commend everyone on their hard work and achievement on their participation in the weight loss program. Jom Kurus 1Malaysia is a weight loss program run by Kevin Zahri, one Malaysia’s most successful health and fitness experts.

Ehsan Group Company Annual Dinner

A Masquerade-themed celebration was in full swing at Cornerstone for the Ehsan Group at their annual dinner. Featuring performances and elaborate decor, this event completely transformed the Cornerstone venue!

Malaysia Canada Business Council – Annual General Meeting

The Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC) hosted their Annual General Meeting at CORNERSTONE consisting of a gathering of their members and a friendly evening of conversing and networking as well as a delicious hi-tea buffet.

Menang Corporation – Annual General Meeting

Menang Corporation held their Annual General Meeting featuring a panel of their directors with an audience of their shareholders.

CapitaMall Training Seminar

A training session held by CapitaMall for their employees accompanied with our full-day seminar buffet menu.

Cornerstone International Property Expo

Being one of its kind, Cornerstone International Properties held an event which consisted of bringing in a variety of international projects in Australia, UK, Canada, and Thailand. No matter what your budget is or where you want to invest, they had a project for you.

Henry Butcher Canadian Property Investment Event

Henry Butcher featured a Canadian property investment opportunity at CORNERSTONE which consisted of talks about the Canadian economy and real estate industry.

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