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UK Student Property is one of the most attractive real estate asset classes to date, with demand consistently outstripping supply. By 2020 the number of students seeking to study outside their own country is forecast to triple to 5.8 million, with the possibility of the UK benefiting by over 800,000 higher education students, ensuring a continuous return on investment in this unique asset class. In 2014-15 alone, international student growth is predicted to increase by 30,000, and by 60,000 after 2016. Bad debt is a rarity, as rental leases are signed with parents as guarantors.

At Cornerstone, we are passionate believers of the viability of this investment. WATCH THIS SPACE as we will unveil details on our exciting UK student property investment launch SOON!

“Student property remains one of the most successful real estate asset classes, thanks to the stability of demand for student bedrooms from all over the UK. The market is still structurally undersupplied in all core university cities” – Knight Frank

Learn how you can benefit

[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Identified by Knight Frank and Savills as a key emerging market in the high-yielding, £200 billion student property market
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Get High Returns – maximise on lower exchange & low interest rates
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Capitalise on housing demand-supply imbalance due to population growth
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Guaranteed rental income due to low vacancy rates
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Leverage on students’ preference for Purpose Built Student Accommodation
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Finance your child’s UK education with this investment
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Hedged against inflation
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] Recession-proof
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] No taxes
[icon color=”red” name=”check-square”] No stamp duty

How assets compare – Total returns year to September 2013
(Source: Knight Frank / IPD)

Student 7.8%
Retail 3.4%
Industrial 7.4%
Office 7.4%


Register here or call 03-2162 2260 to learn more about this unique investment class and find out more about our upcoming launch

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Watch this video by Knight Frank to learn why UK Student Property is a fantastic investment


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