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How and Where to Invest In A Buyers Market

With inflation gripping the global housing market, interest rates have skyrocketed causing many to wonder if the property market would crash, but signs are indicating a buyers market. In Singapore, where home ownership is high (90%), 55% now plan to delay plans to buy a home whilst 24% are considering dropping their plans to buy a home at all. In America, there is a buyer-seller standoff because prices have become too unaffordable for the former. In Australia, where availability of rental vacancies are now at its lowest since before the pandemic, interest rates are being passed in full to home loan customers. Globally, higher living and borrowing costs are slowing demand and pushing down house prices. 

As house prices adjust and the market becomes more favourable for buyers, a common impulse for investors is to hold back from investing because of fear. Understandably, the media’s constant coverage of high interest rates has further amplified  fear. However, it is very possible to grow wealth in the current climate, just as in times of crisis. As we enter into the buyers market phase, here’s how and where to invest to grow wealth.

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