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UK Millionaires Say Wealth Starts with Property

UK Millionaire Gill Fielding on her wealth: “My wealth has come gradually and organically — starting with property. 

“The quickest and most reliable way to financial freedom is through investing in property, which we see time and time again through the results that our property-investing students achieve.” — Gill Fielding, UK millionaire & wealth management guru

How to be a millionaire: Top 5 reasons why investing in UK property could be your best option

Meet Gill Fielding, expert at all things UK property and founder of Fielding Financial, a UK-based company that specialises in providing financial planning, wealth management and mortgage solutions — did we forget to mention her millionaire status?

Fielding provides the following summary of her well-earned affluence:  “My wealth has come gradually and organically – starting with property.”

The qualified chartered accountant co-founded Fielding Financial on the basis of a personal mission: to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position. The company strongly believes that the quickest and most reliable method to attain this is through property investment, especially in the UK, where Fielding herself has invested in multiple projects. Take a peek at UK’s property outlook for 2018 and see why the property market there will continue to prosper and fetch great yields well into the future.

It goes without saying that a great number of investors have also acquired wealth through the same means as Fielding; a closer look at various types of investments shows that the odds truly are in your favor when investing in property (in the right places, of course). Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the three best buy-to-let hotspots in the UK that are set to offer the most competitive returns in 2018 are Manchester, Liverpool and Gateshead — something we have said so over and over in the past. 

Fielding Financial: Why Property Investment is the Best Option to Supplement Your Income

Fielding Financial has listed 5 key reasons why they believe property is the safest place to put your money (and they are very convincing, to say the least):

1. Investing in property puts you in the driver’s seat, while others do the work

Even though you may subcontract the management of the property to others, you’re in charge of the process and get to decide how and when things are done.

2. Residual income earned through rent yields higher returns than other investments

As a property investor, you’ll earn more money through rental income than if your money was in a high-interest bank account.

3. Anyone can become a property investor, even without personal start-up capital

The beauty of property-investing is that anyone can do it, even with no start-up capital.  Experienced agencies can teach you how to get started, even if you don’t have a deposit.

4. Fantastic capital gains

Properties are always in demand because there is a huge undersupply of homes in the UK. This means that even when there is a dip in the market, property prices often quickly bounce back up.

5. It allows you to leave a wealth-generating asset to your children

Due to the high demand for rental homes in the UK, a property portfolio can give your children (and future generations) a guaranteed income that a pile of money can’t provide them.

Property investment saved Rob Moore from debt and made him a millionaire. Image from BT
Property investment saved Rob Moore from debt and made him a millionaire. Image from BT

How to Invest in Property Successfully According to Rob Moore

Fielding’s fellow Brit and property millionaire, Rob Moore shares a common goal with her: to help bring to light the immense potential of the property market.

Moore’s story is a compelling one. Investing in UK property had not only saved him from a £50,000 debt; it generated enough income to transform him into a major property millionaire.  And it all started when a gallery owner urged him to attend a property networking event, insisting that most people on the rich list are in property.

True enough, Moore now stands among the wealthy, with many people looking up to him for financial guidance. Here are some of his tips for success, serving as a guide for beginners and a reminder for experts.

1. Have a clear financial plan and money bucketing systems

Decide what percentage of your income you will live off, save and never touch, then invest. After your income increases, change your plan accordingly; the challenging part, of course, is to never break these rules.

2. It is never too late to start but always too late to wait

Get perfect later, start investing and learning now!

3. Continually invest in yourself

Listen to podcasts, read books, take up courses and consult experts  — the more you learn, the more you earn!

These are sound tips, and the last point is particularly noteworthy: knowledge and research are key to successful investments! If you are interested in learning more about these millionaires’ takes on property investment, here are links to their latest books on the subject:

Gill Fielding –

Rob Moore –

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