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Fowler Strikes Again In The UK Property Market

EPL football legend Robbie Fowler joins an established group of athletes to invest in the lucrative UK property market.

Recent news highlights Liverpool FC legend, Robbie Fowler, directing his attention towards building a property empire. In keeping with its slogan, “Build a property portfolio without the need of a footballer’s salary”, the Robbie Fowler Property Academy is holding a string of events in London this week to provide the average Brit with the necessary guidance to score in the property market.

Once acclaimed for his ability as a striker to string ball after ball into goals (he is the sixth-highest goal scorer in the history of the Premier League!), Fowler now owns and rents out a string of homes and apartments in Liverpool, Cardiff and Scotland. The ex-athlete is entrusting the property market to retain his fortune — £31 million to be exact — after leaving behind an illustrious football career.

So what does this major football star see in UK property investment?

After circulating the market, Fowler came to a definitive conclusion: “What the trained investor knows over and above everybody else is that there is money to be made in property.”

Many athletes investing in UK property market 

This ideology among football stars is not the first of its kind. Fowler joins an already established group of athletes who seek great yields from the UK property market.

Members of Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC have put club rivalries aside to invest their vast wealth in the property development business. Luis Suarez, Lucas Leiva, Jose Enrique, Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla are, today, the  directors of a Manchester-based company, Capital and Centric, which focuses on purchasing old buildings and developing them into private rented homes.

According to The Times, Capital and Centric, which has a number of other investors alongside the footballers, has already raised £50 million in equity. The money will be used  to purchase and develop residential property in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol, with the hope of generating returns of between 8 and 10 percent a year while creating a £250 million property portfolio.

Additionally, Marcus Rashford, one of Manchester United’s younger players, has set up a property firm (Mucs Properties Ltd) to help him invest the fortune he has gained throughout his career. The sportsman, said to be following in the footsteps of fellow English footballer Dele Alli, is to buy homes to rent in northwest England.

Join Robbie Fowler and Luis Suarez – invest in the UK property market

The UK property market seems to be attracting quite the distinguished cohort. Evidently, it has proven time and time again to be the steadiest form of investment there is.

Even with Brexit on the horizon, recent data from ONS shows a steady growth in house prices throughout the UK; high demand for housing continues to strengthen the property market.

Also worth noting are the areas in which Fowler and his fellow athletes are focusing on — Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol are subject to impressive house price growth rates.

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After all, you can build a property portfolio without the need of a footballer’s salary!

Article by Nimue Wafiya

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