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Case Study: Why Investing In Poplar, East London Makes Sense

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A LOT has been happening in East London. Previously eclipsed by the glamour of the West End, the East End has become the centre for the hip, happening, creative and innovative. East London is home to up-and-coming areas like Poplar and Aberfeldy Village. 

More are choosing to reside in the East because of its relative affordability compared to the West, the gentrification that’s sweeping through and the creation of more jobs through developmental initiatives like Canary Wharf, East Bank, Stratford and the Asian Business Park. Some of the world’s largest tech companies like Google’s Innovation Hub and Amazon have also made their home in the East. 

This short case study covers the following:

  • Poplar: population density & house price growth
  • London property price & rental growth
  • Vacancy Rate

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