Cadbury, Our Chocolate Fantasies & Investing Practically

The best form of non-fiction is arguably the memoir — who wouldn’t want to know how Obama did it? From Anthony Kiedis’ wayward history in ‘Scar Tissue’ all the way to Frank McCourt’s harrowing upbringing in ‘Angela’s Ashes’, everyone seems to have lived long, tough and stupendous lives.

Yet, as monumental as these memoirs are, there may never be a story quite like the experiences of the lucky people who get to eat chocolate for money. Yes, for. At £9 per hour, to be exact.

If you haven’t heard, Cadbury, the second largest multinational confectionery company in the world, recently announced the yummiest news: they are looking for chocolate tasters to taste-test their latest inventions in Reading, UK,  before the products hit the shelves! Talk about doing what you love for a living; chocoholics finally get to embrace their ikigai.

As deliciously nuts as this news may sound, the UK is no stranger to unconventional occurrences like this. With the upcoming cheese festival in Reading, anti-Valentine’s day events in London and the annual sheep race that happens in Yorkshire, the UK pretty much has it all!

Because of the excellent job market (as illustrated by Cadbury), education market (we know this) and overall communal togetherness in the UK (people are nice), the UK property market  is allowed to flourish.

Like Cadbury, the UK property market can give you just as many sweet returns; a long list of satisfied local and international investors can vouch for this.

While the UK property market has taken some minor hits from the looming Brexit, recent price recoveries reveal its resilience in the face of political and economic upheaval.  And, unlike the volatile stock market, property, when invested in the right places, is known for its comfortingly steady returns!

CBRE’s 2018 Market Outlook forecasts continuing economic growth for the UK despite the uncertainties caused by Brexit. The report states that those uncertainties are likely to peak this year.

Underpinning the property market is the fact that there is a chronic undersupply of houses that will undoubtedly support price growth. Simply put, UK property prices are, in a way, a barometer to gauge the UK property market. To illustrate, here is a slightly more in-depth view of the current state of the property market in the UK:

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) expects prices to drift higher in some parts of the UK with the strongest gains in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and northwest of England, which includes cities such as Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle. But, a slump in asking prices across London and the South East will drag down prices in the rest of the UK so that overall growth remains flat.

The Government recently announced its ambition of building 300,000 homes a year in the Autumn Budget alongside a tranche of policies aimed at increasing the UK housing supply. However, RICS said that as many of these measures won’t come into effect until the mid-2020s, they will do little to alleviate the immediate housing crisis.

Which means that demand will continue to uphold price growth in the housing market. 

Back to Cadbury and its offer of a job of a lifetime — application closes on Feb 16 🙂 Time to get cracking on that resume. But if you’re not in a position to do so and want to invest in property instead, we can help you with that 🙂

Article by Nimue Wafiya

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