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The Silver Lining Behind Perth Property

Imagine owning a home just within walking distance from Cottlesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. It’s a buyers market now, and chances are, you can! Photo Credit:

With property prices softened, buyers can now call the shots, purchasing real estate in some of the best suburbs at lowered prices. Strategic purchases will yield better returns and result in greater appreciation when the property market escalates.

The Perth property market has been on a decline over the last few years, but it may be that the market has bottomed out. Official figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Perth’s residential property prices jumped 0.5% in the December quarter, ending the ongoing trend of sliding property prices recorded since late 2013.

That said, industry observers are remaining conservative, predicting a mild rise in prices (or for some, not at all) in 2016. Still, as they say, behind every cloud is a silver lining. It is now a buyers’ market in Perth and, coupled with low interest rates, a great time to shop for real estate. In time, when the market recovers, property is bound to see a corresponding rise in value.

What you COULD get with $A1million

So what can you get with A$1 million in West Australia today? Most likely an impressive 2-storey house near the city, acreage in the east or a beachfront cottage in the South West, reports the West Australian.

  • In Perth North – $999K buys a 4-bedroom, 2-storey house 10km from the city in Stirling.
  • In Perth South – $999K buys a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse with a shared tennis court.
  • In Perth Southwest – $1 million could get you a beachfront property.
  • In Mosman Park – traditionally one of Perth’s most expensive suburbs – you could get a home for below $1 million.
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What you SHOULD get with A$1 million

If you’re looking to take advantage of the market and get a better long term investment, a wise move would be to buy in sought-after suburbs that have seen a temporary softening in price instead of splurging on bigger and fancier homes.

There are predictions that older entry-level properties in suburbs like East Fremantle and Wembley Downs in the $550,000-plus range will see capital growth of up to 10% in the next 12-18 months.

“We are firm believers that location plays a big role in your investment. It makes logical sense to pay for a good location that has lots of potential for growth,” says CSI Prop spokesperson Virata Thaivasigamony.

“We like areas with infrastructural growth and job employment like Atwell, but we also see the potential in established locations like Cottlesloe, West Perth and Southwest Perth where capital appreciation is concerned. Of course, it is the buying motive will guide the purchase at the end of the day. The important thing is to speak to people who know the market, consult your own tax advisors, do your research,” he adds.

Are you watching the Perth suburbs? Here’s a list of bargain buy suburbs courtesy of

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