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We are Celebrating 17 years of excellence in property investing in the UK, Australia. With thousands of students and hundreds of high networth clients that trust us with their portfolio, we’re on track to give double digit up to 30% yearly returns.

Want to know how we do it?

Then attend our Celebration E-Convention 2-Day event.

2 Days of pure wisdom and investing secrets especially when investing overseas worth $1997.

As a teaser you’ll discover:

  • How to build a proven property game plan that our founder used to build his $10mil property portfolio.
  • How to find double digit growth ROI properties that no one knows about.
  • How to get access to deals that very few investors get and so much more.
  • Get Hacks To Beat Recession, High Interest Rates & Strengthen Your Property Portfolio For 2023.

Discover our founder’s STORY

Do bring a friend, spouse or business partner as this could be a huge aha moment for them as well as for you when it comes to investing overseas.

As a gift, get our detailed global property investing guide when you register.

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Virata Gamany
Executive Director, CSI PROP

Richard Jepson
Chartered Accountant,
Adams & Moore UK
Paul Carter
Regional Director of IPFG

Zoom Session Time

9th & 10 September

Two 3-Hour Sessions!

Friday 7:30 – 10:30pm
Saturday 2pm – 5pm

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