How to Hack Property Investing in a Recession?

(Even With High Interest Rates & Rising Inflation)

When the economy heads toward a recession, it’s natural for investors to worry about falling stock prices and the impact on their portfolios. Savvy investors will look for Recession-Proof Investments to protect wealth and maximise their returns.

At our upcoming Zoom workshop, learn how to Hack Property Investment During a Recession and find out Why Now is the Perfect Storm?


  • A Proven Global Property Game Plan
  • What to look out for when Investing in Overseas Property
  • Strategies to Build a Property Portfolio, Maximise Returns and more

Why Is Now the Perfect Storm (To Invest in Properties)?

  • Low British Pound vs SGD
  • Great time to invest to hedge against inflation
  • Save on tax with recent UK stamp duty cuts
  • The UK housing shortage ensures steady demand with rising rents and values

The UK Hotspot to Invest in for Capital Growth

  • Prices to grow by 24% due to housing shortage
  • The Largest Masterplan Regeneration Project in the North of England
  • 7 New Upcoming Neighbourhoods in the City Centre
  • HS2 Development will bring London Just An Hour Away
  • Home to Over 2000 International Companies
  • World-class Education Destination – Over 100k University Students

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12 Nov 2022

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