UK Student Property has outperformed every other commercial and residential asset type for the last 3 years.

– Knight Frank

Secure and effortless investment
Up to 10% nett yield p.a. (AFTER all expenses paid)
5 years rental guarantee
ZERO stamp duty, rental income tax, capital gains tax
Prices from £56,700

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Just professional advice from our team of consultants.

Minimum NET return of 35% Enjoy the security of a minimum 7% annually for 5 years, with the added benefit that if your property earns more than the assured yield, you’ll get paid more.

Rental income contractually assured for 5 years. Relax in the knowledge that your minimum return is contractual, offering short to medium-term financial security.

Effortless Property Investment. From finding tenants to daily management and property maintenance, your income is generated without you having to lift a finger.

The UK’s strongest asset class. Due to growing demand and a shortage of supply, student property offers consistently higher returns than any other residential or commercial property type in the UK.

Low entry point Prices start from only *£56,700

The cities with the lowest supply and highest demand. Pinpointing cities where there is an identified demand for top-quality student accommodation to guarantee high occupancy rates and maximum returns for investors.

Long-term investment locations Targeting cities that offer secure long-term rental demand.

Prime city centre locations. Located in prime central locations, close to universities and amenities where demand is at its highest.

Choose a property from one of our featured developments.

Your property will be managed and leased on your behalf.

Any tenant queries will be handled by a professional property manager.

One of our consultants will review your enquiry and supply you with further details.

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Proven Investment Student property has outperformed all other commercial and residential asset classes since 2011.

Guaranteed Returns Student property investment has proven to be low risk and bad debt is a rarity as students apply for accommodation with parents as guarantors. Annual rental yields are from 7% to 9%, nett, guaranteed for 5 years. Fund your children’s education with the proceeds of your investment!

Structural undersupply There are 2.3million student and counting in the UK, with international students having risen by more than 30% over 5 years. International students in higher education are forecast to grow from 20% – 30% in the next 5 years as there is no cap to the number of students coming to study in the UK (Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, 2013).

No hassle This is a full turnkey investment. Management of student accommodation is handled by professional management companies, often a subsidiary of the development company. This includes rental payouts to a bank account of your choice, maintenance of the property, cleaning services and other facilities. It is in their best interests to ensure that your investment is well managed.

Proven Track Record Cornerstone International Properties works only with developers that have a track record in the industry. It is in OUR best interest that we ensure your investment counts.

NO GST There is no GST imposed on the purchase of foreign property. While the local property market outlook is volatile in the face of skyrocketing prices and the introduction of GST, why not put your money were it will grow.

“There appears to be an increasing demand for decent student accommodation, and this fits the bill, particularly in view of the numerous overseas students who come to the UK.”

Dr Susmita Hunt

“I decided to invest in property because it’s a much more tangible asset than stocks and shares, and my research showed that student accommodation can provide much higher returns than other options.”

Mohammed Al Radi

“We hadn’t considered buying student property before but after researching it we found that the returns were stronger than any other property group.”

Paul Bell

“”With the high number of international students and the drastic undersupply of student beds in the city centre, the proposition in Bristol was too good an opportunity to ignore.”

Andrew Smith


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